Listen to the first two episodes of ‘Sent Away,’ a new podcast about Utah’s teen-treatment industry

“Sent Away” is an investigative podcast from The Salt Lake Tribune, KUER and APM Reports.

(Leah Hogsten | The Salt Lake Tribune) Bloomington Cave, Feb. 8, 2022, is a large tectonic cave in which Bureau of Land Management permited cavers crawl, shimmy through through tight passages and climb slippery surfaces throughout. The cave has five marked routes passing through at least six distinct levels and a maze of passages totaling 1.43 miles (7,574 feet), making it the fifth longest cave in Utah.

Episode 1, “Second Chances.”

A dark cave. A tragic accident. A new treatment center that the state of Utah tries to hold accountable. But that turns out to be harder than you’d think.

Episode 2, “What They Saved.”

With the state off its back, Integrity House is free to grow. We learn what it was like to live there day after day — what the people who worked there saw, and what the state did when one of them blew the whistle.

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