See the trailer for ‘Sent Away,’ a new Tribune podcast about Utah’s teen treatment industry

The investigative podcast is a collaboration between The Salt Lake Tribune, KUER and APM Reports.

"Sent Away" is an investigative podcast from The Salt Lake Tribune, KUER and APM Reports.

It didn’t seem to matter what the teen treatment center did wrong. The state of Utah always gave it another chance.

Death. Abuse. Criminal charges. Bizarre punishments. Whistleblowers coming forward.

And each time, the place got a pass.

A team of reporters from three news organizations has spent the last year digging into the untold stories of Utah’s massive teen treatment industry. Some 20,000 teenagers facing depression, delinquency and other problems have been sent here for help over the last six years.

In the new podcast “Sent Away,” APM Reports, KUER and The Salt Lake Tribune investigate how the government failed to keep all those kids safe.

You can watch the trailer now, and subscribe to “Sent Away” on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, RadioPublic, Amazon Music or wherever you get your podcasts.