Avalanche dogs from all over the West Coast travel to Utah to learn lifesaving skills

Dog teams from Colorado, Idaho and California learned how to rescue those trapped in avalanches.

(FOX 13) Dogs train in avalanche rescue in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Alta, Utah • When an avalanche happens, one invaluable tool is avalanche dogs and many teams from around the West coast get trained in Utah.

We’ve all heard the saying dogs are man’s best friend but in Little Cottonwood Canyon at the Wasatch Backcountry Rescue’s Avalanche Dog Training school there’s a group of dogs training to be more than just loyal companions.

“These dogs are a great tool for us,” Andy Van Houten, President of the Wasatch Backcountry Rescue said. “They’ve proven themselves valuable over the last several years as we’ve seen an increase in backcountry users.”

To read more about the dogs and their training, visit FOX 13.

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