More Utah pets are being abandoned in the cold, Humane Society says. These resources can help.

The organization says it has found boxes of cats and kittens outside its Murray facility.

Increasing numbers of animals are being abandoned outside as temperatures drop, the Humane Society of Utah said.

Staff members found large groups of cats and kittens left in boxes outside the Humane Society’s Murray facility twice earlier this month, FOX 13 reports. Staffers also found a note from someone explaining they couldn’t care for the cats.

“We want the community to know it never has to get to this point,” Director of Shelter Operations Juli Ulvestad told FOX 13. “If you are a pet owner and need assistance, please reach out to us so we can be a part of the solution.”

If you are unable to care for your pet, call the Humane Society at 801-261-2919, extension 214, to discuss your options. The organization’s private rehoming service allows owners to find their pets a new home without putting them in the shelter system. And the Humane Society’s Pet Retention Program is designed to help keep pets in their homes, even if the owner or family is experiencing some type of crisis.

To read about more resources available to owners who need help caring for their pets, click here.

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