16-year-old pleads guilty in fatal shooting of Ogden convenience store owner

The owner was killed in the late February shooting and the boy faces 5 years in prison until he’s considered for parole.

Antonio Garcia, 16, pleaded guilty last week to the February shooting of an Ogden convenience store owner.

According to the probable cause statement, Garcia arrived at Super Grocery, at 675 N. Monroe Blvd, at 11:51 p.m on Feb. 28. After selecting a few items, he pointed a gun at the clerk, 65-year-old Satnam Singh, and said, “this is a stickup.” Garcia then fired four times, hitting Singh twice and killing him.

On March 2, police were called to a residence on a report of a “juvenile disturbance” and were informed that Garcia — 15 years old at the time — was the shooter in the Super Grocery store homicide. According to the probable cause statement, officers retrieved the clothes Garcia was wearing at the convenience store and the weapon.

When Garcia was interviewed, he told police that he had “entered the store with intent to commit a robbery” and fired his gun when Singh moved from the counter. Garcia admitted to planning the robbery because he “did not have as much cash as he wanted” and said he had smoked THC the day prior but “stopped smoking so that he could be sober for the robbery,” according to the probable cause statement.

Singh was loved in the Ogden community, and a memorial of candles and flowers was placed outside of his store after his death, according to FOX13. His family asked community members to remember him by helping those in need, according to a March statement.

Garcia was initially charged with two first-degree felony counts of aggravated murder and aggravated robbery. The aggravated murder charge was amended to a first-degree felony count of discharge of a weapon involving serious bodily harm or death in exchange for his guilty plea, according to court documents.

Garcia will be sentenced to imprisonment and be provisionally housed in a secure care facility until he’s 21 years old, at which time he will be considered for parole, according to the documents.

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