Man who fell from Lagoon ride dies at hospital

Police says it doesn’t appear the nearly 50-year-old Sky Ride malfunctioned.

A 32-year-old who was hospitalized Saturday after falling from a ride at Lagoon Amusement Park in Farmington has died.

The man died Monday, Farmington Police Chief Wayne Hansen said. The man was flown from the amusement park in a helicopter Saturday and police at the time said he was in critical condition.

Video sent to FOX13 shows the man hanging from the park’s nearly 50-year-old Sky Ride, a transportation ride that ascends to 60 feet as it takes visitors across the park. The man is shown holding on to the front railing of a purple ski lift-like chair as he passes by the woman filming. She’s on the ride traveling the opposite direction. Video shows he didn’t move as he passed over a fountain, except to look around.

“What is he doing?” asks the woman filming as the ride carries the man over a tree-covered walkway.

Police and amusement park officials have told FOX13 it doesn’t appear the ride malfunctioned. The fall is still under investigation, Hansen said.

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