Do you live in a one-room rental, tiny home or apartment under 400 square feet? Tell us about it.

Amid Utah’s affordable housing pinch, people are adapting to new living circumstances — including smaller spaces.

(Leah Hogsten | Tribune file photo) A 400-square-foot apartment in Mya, a new mixed-income residential complex on 400 South in Salt Lake City. Do you live in a smaller space these days? Share your experience with The Tribune.

Home prices and rents along the Wasatch Front are soaring in the face of a shortage of available homes and a pandemic-induced spike in demand.

That has left thousands of residents priced out, but it’s also led many to consider new options, including downsizing their living arrangements to as little as 250 square feet, doubling up with new roommates and other creative solutions. Salt Lake City has just launched an initiative seeking ideas for new home designs that might empower more residents to live the way they choose and can best afford.

As part of its ongoing reporting on Utah’s housing crisis, The Salt Lake Tribune is interested in talking to residents who are living in tiny homes, one-room rentals and other smaller living arrangements.

Are you one of them? Got stories to share? Please complete the survey below, and feel free to skip questions that aren’t relevant to your situation. If you’re willing to be interviewed about your responses, a Tribune reporter may contact you with further questions.

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