Homeless woman charged with stabbing man who gave her a ride

The victim then drove to the police station, where his assailant was arrested.

A woman stabbed a man who gave her a ride in his car, so he drove to the Roy police station, where the woman was taken into custody.

The 25-year-old woman has been charged in 2nd District Court with aggravated assault and is being held without bail in the Weber County jail.

The arresting officer said he was standing in front of the Roy police station on Tuesday when a car drove into the parking lot at a “high rate of speed.” In a probable cause statement, the officer wrote that he could see and hear the male driver and the female passenger “arguing loudly,” and that as he approached the car the woman was “grabbing and pulling” at the man. As the man tried to back out of the car, the woman was holding on to him, and he struggled to get away.

When the man broke free and screamed that the woman had stabbed him. According to the officer, there was blood running down the victim’s right arm. He was later transported to a hospital and treated for his wounds. The man was stabbed in the right arm, and the knife went through his arm into his armpit and penetrated his right chest. The wound was not life-threatening.

He told police that the woman was homeless and he was trying to give her a ride to a shelter when she attacked him “unprovoked.”

According to the charges, as the woman got out of the car she leaned toward and ground and he heard a “clanking noise consistent with a metal object falling on the pavement.” The officer said he found a knife with an 8-inch, serrated blade on the ground.

When interviewed by police, the woman admitted she stabbed the man, according to the charges.