Provo minor reportedly started brush fire with fireworks

A brush fire in Provo was started on Monday by a minor using fireworks, according to Provo Fire & Rescue.

The minor is under investigation for discharging fireworks outside of the open fireworks window, and in a restricted area. The possible class B misdemeanor charges carry a penalty of up to $2,000, with an additional fine of $2,420 to cover the costs of extinguishing the blaze.

The fire burned half an acre at 4410 Mile High Drive, an area where fireworks are prohibited.

“This incident highlights the conditions that fire officials, community leaders and a lot of community members fear as we approach the Fourth of July holiday,” said Provo Fire Marshal Lynn Schofield in a news release. “It is important that every citizen who is considering using fireworks this season follow all of the rules in order to protect our communities.”

Provo is recommending citizens who want to use fireworks do so at one of 14 designated parks in the city.

“We cannot legally ban the use of fireworks or realistically enforce a ban when fireworks are available just across the border,” Schofield said. “We just have to provide as many safe alternatives as we can, and count on our citizens to be responsible.”

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