Nine wildfires continue to burn across Utah

Crews are working to contain blazes in seven counties.

(Iron County Sheriff's Office) An image of the Flatt Fire, near Enterprise, that forced evacuations Friday, June 18, 2021. The evacuation order was lifted on Saturday, June 19, 2021.

Wildfires continue to burn around the state of Utah, although as of Monday afternoon, no structures are threatened and there are no current evacuation orders.

Wasatch and Sanpete counties have moved to Stage 2 fire restrictions, the most severe restrictions in Utah, and Grand and San Juan counties have requested it. State officials are considering putting the whole state under those restrictions, FOX 13 reports.

Under Stage 2, no open flame of any kind is allowed, including campfires, in addition to all of the Stage 1 restrictions, which include no smoking; no welding, grinding or cutting; and no ATVs or other motorized vehicles with a combustible engine unless it has a spark arrestor, among other things.

“It’s as dry as it’s ever been in recorded history in the state of Utah, and we don’t want to mess around when it comes to fires,” Gov. Spender Cox told FOX 13 while visiting the St. George area on Monday.

Here’s an update on the state’s wildfires with the latest from Utah Fire Info:

Bennion Creek Fire (Carbon County) • Started June 4 by lightning, the fire is now 8,313 acres and 64% contained.

Bennion Ridge Road, Bear Ridge Road, Starvation Road and Fish Creek Trail remain closed.

Bear Fire (Carbon County) • The cause of the fire, which began June 8, remains under investigation. It is now estimated at 12,170 acres and is 93% contained.

Much of the perimeter of the fire has been contained, with uncontained areas remaining on the southeast and northwest corners. Firefighters will continue to mop up and secure uncontained areas.

Deer Springs (Kane County) • Started Friday by lightning, the fire is estimated to be 233 acres and 0% contained.

Flatt Fire (Washington County) • Started Friday by lightning, the fire is estimated to be 14,379 acres and 50% contained.

Despite gusty winds on Sunday, the fire “stayed in the current footprint.” Firefighters are making “good progress” in building and securing a fire perimeter.

Some residents in Enterprise were evacuated on Friday, but an evacuation order was lifted on Saturday.

Horsecorn Fire (Uintah County) • Believed to have been caused by lightning on Sunday, the fire is estimated at 400 acres and is 0% contained.

It’s burning in the Horsecorn Canyon area on the Uintah and Ouray Reservation.

Morgan Canyon Fire (Tooele County) • Started Friday when a small plane crashed, this fire is now estimated at 156 acres and is 0% contained.

Fire activity increased greatly on Sunday, with wind gusts up to 25 mph in extremely dry vegetation — conditions and fire behavior are “unprecedented for this time of year at that high elevation” because of the ongoing drought.

Firefighters are limited by the “extremely rough and steep” terrain.

MM17 Fire (Utah County) • The fire is believed to have been human caused, sparked on Saturday. It’s estimated at 136 acres and is 80% contained.

Pack Creek Fire (Grand County) • Started June 9 by an abandoned campfire, the blaze is estimated at 8,949 acres and is 58% contained.

Fire activity is decreasing overall, but it continues to remain active on the northeast side in inaccessible areas. Full containment is “expected to remain challenging,” and smoke from the interior of the fire will likely remain visible for several weeks.

Sego Fire (Grand County) • Started Sunday by lightning, the fire is estimated at 50 acres and is 0% contained.

It’s burning at the south end of the Book Cliffs and the north end of the town of Thompson Springs. It’s in inaccessible terrain and is being fought by planes and helicopters.

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