Romney trends on Twitter following Biden’s speech

People online said he looked like he wasn’t happy about taxes on the wealthy.

President Joe Biden took the national stage for a speech about his first 100 days in office on Wednesday evening, but Utah Sen. Mitt Romney got his own moment of celebrity when he began trending on Twitter for his facial reactions during the speech.

Twitter users were amused by a C-Span clip which panned to Romney after Biden announced that it is time for corporate American and wealthy Americans to “pay their fair share” in taxes. Some members of congress applauded Biden’s words, but Romney sat with his hands clasped in his lap. People online said he looked mad.

“I think we got confirmation that Mitt Romney makes more than $400,000 a year,” posted a Twitter user named Ron Shillman.

“Mitt Romney didn’t appear too happy about paying a far (sic) share in taxes,” read one tweet.

“C-span cutting to mitt romney’s reaction as biden was talking about the wealthy paying their fair share in taxes really is the funniest thing i’ve seen tonight,” read another.

Twitter users also said Romney appeared to be sleeping at some points in the speech.