Cache County Sheriff warns against ‘unconstitutional gun control’

A statement, in response to Biden’s recent gun control measures, assures residents the sheriff will protect their right to bear arms.

(Rick Egan | The Salt Lake Tribune) An array of stickers about the second amendment on display.

Cache County Sheriff D. Chad Jensen has a message for his constituents: President Joe Biden won’t take their guns on Jensen’s watch.

Biden unveiled new gun control executive actions this week in the wake of recent mass shootings. The actions include a crackdown on guns without serial numbers, called ghost guns, and regulations on gun stabilizing devices. Biden said much more is needed to stop gun violence, according to The Associated Press.

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On Friday afternoon, Jensen put out a news release assuring people in Cache County that he believes in their constitutional rights.

“Recently, President Biden talked about several proposed measures of gun control and plans to sign executive orders. Unconstitutional gun control in any measure will not happen in Cache County on my watch,” Jensen wrote in the news release.

He said Utah already restricts certain people, including those convicted of felonies, from buying firearms. Jensen said he “whole-heartedly” supports constitutionally sound laws that deter gun violence, but that he won’t enforce any laws that infringe on people’s rights.

“I stand at the forefront of this county to protect your rights from government overreach,” reads the release.

Jensen added that Cache County is “by far the greatest county” in the “greatest state” in the “greatest nation.”

Commenters on Facebook, where the sheriff’s office posted the release, had mixed reactions. Many thanked him for reassuring them that he will protect their rights. Others questioned why he believes he can “pick and choose” which laws to enforce.

“Well, Sheriff Chad, it looks like you have a good start on your campaign for re-election. Unfortunately, you have lost support from many of us who don’t believe that your personal political views should be blasted in the name of the entire Sheriff’s office. That is probably best left on your personal page,” one comment reads.

“Thank you, Sheriff. I’m not embarrassed to say that I got a little emotional reading this. Bless you and your deputies,” reads another.

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