New monolith pops up in Iron County

This one features a button that opens a drawer, which has metal strips inside inscribed with a message.

(Zak Podmore | Tribune file photo) In November, Brad Zercoe, left, and JP Baker were in Utah for vacation when they heard of the obelisk in the southern part of the state and decided to go find it. Now, a similar structure has popped up in Iron County.

Just a few months after a mysterious monolith appeared and then disappeared in southern Utah, a new one has emerged.

A metal monolith was found in the Three Peaks recreation area in Cedar City, per a report by FOX 13. The Iron County structure seems to be made up of three steel panels put together to form a triangular prism.

But the especially curious aspect of this monolith is what’s reportedly inside it.

One of the panels contains a button that, when pressed, opens a drawer and illuminates an Egyptian-looking eye with a blue LED light. There’s a message at the back of the drawer as well.

Also inside the drawer were multiple copper strips, each inscribed with the following message: “HUMAN MAY 4TH | 37.3179604 | 114.9597835.”

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