Wyoming inches closer to legalizing marijuana

A proposed bill could mean dispensaries along the border with Utah.

(Richard Vogel | AP file photo) Marijuana grows at an indoor cannabis farm in Gardena, Calif., on Aug. 15, 2019.

A bill that would fully legalize marijuana in Wyoming is making its way through the state’s Legislature, which could open the door for dispensaries along the Utah border.

But the mayor of one such border town, Evanston, is on the fence about it, FOX 13 reports.

“We really just don’t know yet,” Mayor Kent Williams told FOX 13. “Should we do that? Should we not do that?”

The bill, which just passed a Wyoming House committee and is now on its way to the full House of Representatives for consideration, would allow the cultivation and possession of marijuana for people 21 and older — and would put a 30% tax on marijuana products.

The bill also allows communities to opt out of allowing retail marijuana sale. Williams said he personally doesn’t support legalizing marijuana, and pointed out to FOX 13 that the bill still has a long way to go.

“This is not something that I’m about and so I’ve got concerns,” he told FOX 13. “But again, I say that knowing that at the same time I’ve got to protect individual rights.”

Christine Stenquist, who backed Utah’s medical marijuana ballot initiative, is in Wyoming, lobbying for the legalization of marijuana there.

“Believe me, they will get a pretty penny from Utah. We are very frustrated with our program and we look at states that have a little more flexibility, they’ll definitely get our dollars,” Stenquist told FOX 13, referring to Utah’s highly regulated medical marijuana program.

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