Police arrest man accused of shooting Provo police officer

The man was also shot during the altercation with police.

Provo police have arrested a man for allegedly shooting Officer John Oseguera “multiple times” on Thursday.

Keith Taylor, 44, of Provo is being charged with three counts of attempted murder.

Oseguera had to get surgery after the shooting. The department said he was “alert and in good spirits” on Friday. Taylor was also shot by police but is expected to survive.

The shootout began when police went to 900 East and 80 South on reports of a man, later identified as Taylor, behaving erratically and carrying a gun.

A probable cause statement about the shooting says the police spoke with Taylor from the door to his apartment when they got on scene. He told police he worked for the NSA and DEA. Police attempted to coax him out by telling him they were on the phone with the DEA and someone wanted to speak with him. When he reached out to take the phone, police tried to grab him but he ran away. Police chased him and he went into a bedroom where he grabbed an AR-15 style firearm.

He began to fire at the officers, according to the probable cause statement. Police exchanged fire with Taylor while yelling at him to drop his gun. He allegedly told them they were going to die and said “this is your last will and testament.” Oseguera was shot but took cover in a bathroom until he could be extracted from the scene.

After the gunfire stopped, police took Taylor into custody and transported him to a hospital.