Health department investigating SLC party over possible violations of COVID-19 restrictions

An organizer for the event at Sky SLC says the high schoolers were not allowed inside without a mask.

The Salt Lake County Health Department confirmed Thursday that it is investigating a party that took place in Salt Lake City this week over possible public health order violations.

Spokesman Nicholas Rupp said the department has received a few complaints about an event held Tuesday at Sky SLC nightclub. He said the department generally only does bar visits on weekends, so no one from the health department witnessed the event firsthand. He said they have received videos and are investigating whether there were health order violations.

Rupp said if there were violations, the department can decide between different courses of action including educating the venue and party hosts, issuing a warning or restricting the venue from operating until it is complying with the health order.

FOX 13 reports that the party was a dance attended by hundreds of high school students. High school student Annie Snow told FOX 13 that she saw videos on Instagram stories showing kids dancing without masks and not social distancing.

Snow posted a video on Instagram of the party with a caption saying attendees put high-risk families in jeopardy. She said students are forced to interact with peers who have attended such events.

The high school student who organized the party told FOX 13 anonymously that students from 10 high schools were invited to the event. He said no school or district was involved. The student organizer said there was hand sanitizer set up and no one was allowed in without a mask. He said they tried to prevent people from removing their masks but there was only so much they could control.

Sky SLC and the student told FOX 13 that safety measures were taken including keeping garage doors open for airflow and taking people’s temperature at the door.

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