Women accused of trying to avoid DUIs by bribing police officers

Both get in more trouble as the alleged bribes are added to their other charges.

A woman who may have been impaired offered a member of the Utah Highway Patrol $1,000 and offered to show him her breasts to try to avoid getting arrested after crashing into a truck, according to a probable cause statement.

The Utah Highway Patrol trooper went to the scene of a crash on Jan. 27 after a woman came out of her lane and hit a semi tractor pulling double tankers. He suspected that the woman was impaired and asked her to do a sobriety test, according to the statement. After the sobriety test, he placed her under arrest for driving under the influence and took her back to the Murray Utah Highway Patrol Office for a chemical test. The woman allegedly offered him $1,000 to let her go, and offered to show her breasts to him and to another trooper.

The alleged bribe attempt did not work out for the woman, who was arrested on charges of bribery as well as DUI.

A different woman was charged with bribery in a similar case earlier this month.

Charging documents filed on Jan. 14 allege that a Utah Highway Patrol trooper arrested a woman in June after he went to the scene of an accident. The woman, who had bloodshot eyes, showed signs of impairment during a sobriety test and had a blood alcohol content of 0.26, according to the charging documents. She also had a revoked driver’s license and no insurance. After being arrested, the woman allegedly offered the trooper $1,000 to let her go and said she would do anything to not go to jail.