The Hogle Zoo has a new baby zebra, and the public can help name him

The zebra, born on Jan. 15, makes his debut Thursday morning.

(Courtesy of the Hogle Zoo) The new baby zebra looking cute for the camera.

It’s been a tough year, but the Hogle Zoo has some good news.

A baby mountain zebra born on Jan. 15 will make his public debut on Thursday morning at 10. The little male was standing within 30 minutes of being born and walking shortly thereafter with coaxing from his mother, Ziva.

The baby zebra does not have a name yet because the zoo has decided to get public input on what to call him. People can help name the “zippy little striped bundle of joy” by going to the Hogle Zoo’s Facebook page and writing potential names in the comment section, according to a news release from the zoo.

The unnamed baby is the fourth Hartmann’s Mountain zebra to be born at the zoo. The first was born to a mother named Zoey in 2017. Zoe and Ziva both had babies in 2018.

Mountain zebras look different than other zebras because they have a dewlap, an extra fold of skin, on their necks and shorter manes. The species, which lives in the mountainous regions of southwest Africa, is currently threatened.

People who want to visit the zoo must book tickets online in advance and wear masks because of COVID-19.