Busy 12600 South to close for 7 months at Bangerter Highway in Riverton

(Aaron Mentzer | Courtesy of Utah Department of Transportation) Construction proceeds on a new freeway-like interchange at 12600 South and Bangerter Highway. The busy 12600 South will close at Bangerter for 7 months for construction.

Beginning as early as Friday, 12600 South in Riverton will close at Bangerter Highway for seven months to construct a new freeway-like interchange, according to the Utah Department of Transportation.

“The closure allows us to build the interchange more quickly and safely, at a lower cost to taxpayers,” said Marwan Farah, UDOT Bangerter Interchanges project manager.

“We know this closure will be impactful, so we’ve worked closely with the city and local businesses to minimize inconvenience for the community,” he added. “Every time we build a new interchange on Bangerter Highway, it helps drivers get where they’re going more safely and efficiently.”

Local drivers have several options to get around the closure, including 11400 South and 13400 South. Designated detours will have signs posted along the routes, and engineers will adjust the timing of stop lights to accommodate the increased traffic.

While traffic on 12600 South will be blocked at Bangerter, traffic on Bangerter Highway will remain open.

More information on the closure area and alternate routes is available at the project website, udot.utah.gov/bangerter12600south.

Three new freeway-style interchanges are currently under construction along Bangerter Highway at 6200 South, 10400 South, and 12600 South. The interchanges will eliminate stoplights for Bangerter Highway drivers and improve safety by removing cross traffic.

It continues a multi-year program of upgrading Bangerter Highway. Information on current and future plans for interchanges along Bangerter Highway is available at udot.utah.gov/bangerter.