Police arrest man who allegedly threatened to kill former Missouri senator while high on LSD

The Utah Highway Patrol has arrested a man they say was driving 130 mph while drunk. The man allegedly told officers he was also high on LSD and was on his way to Missouri to kill former Sen. Claire McCaskill.

Officer Niel Ekberg said in a probable cause statement that he saw a vehicle driving over 100 mph on Interstate 80 in Summit County at 12:46 a.m. on Wednesday. When Ekberg put on his lights to pull the car over, the car allegedly sped up until it was driving over 130 mph on slick roads. Officers spiked the car’s tires to make it stop and arrested the man.

The driver smelled of alcohol and had an empty 12-pack of beer in the car, as well as another 12-pack that was partially consumed, according to the statement. He allegedly told officers he had also taken Adderall and LSD. He was taken to a fire station for a medical examination and then to jail. While on his way to the fire station and jail, the man said he was on his way to Missouri to kill McCaskill “if she wasn’t dead already.”

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