Man drives car at code officer who was moving campaign signs, police say

Cottonwood Heights police arrested a man Wednesday for allegedly driving his car toward a code enforcement officer because the officer moved campaign signs.

The suspect was driving on Brighton Way when he saw a code enforcement officer taking down political signs on public property, according to a probable cause statement. The suspect allegedly drove another 200 feet before pulling over, turning around and driving back at a faster speed. The suspect allegedly drove toward the code enforcement officer, while honking his horn, as the officer was crossing the road. The officer jumped out of the way and the car missed him by a foot, according to the statement.

Witnesses took down the license plate number of the car and the suspect confirmed he was the driver in the incident after being arrested, according to the statement.

Lt. Dan Bartlett said the officer is unharmed except for getting some “bumps” diving out of the way of the car.

The Salt Lake Tribune generally doesn’t identify people accused of crime who haven’t been charged.

This isn’t the first instance of violence towards a code enforcement officer in Utah. In 2019, Kevin Wayne Billings plead guilty to shooting and killing a West Valley City code enforcement officer before lighting her body and truck on fire. He had been sent a “notice of violation” from the victim instructing him to improve his yard.