Salt Lake City crews are still busy cleaning up debris after hurricane-force winds last week toppled trees and hurled branches into the streets.

While the city’s efforts are still mainly focused on hundreds of uprooted city-owned trees, officials are asking residents for their help. The National Weather Service forecast says that showers are likely this weekend, and city workers worry obstructed storm drains could cause another disaster.

“Storm drains and gutters can become blocked during a rainstorm if a large amount of debris builds up within the drainage system. This can cause localized flooding and impact water quality,” said Laura Briefer, Public Utilities Director. “After last week’s windstorm and the lack of rain in the last few months, we are asking for our residents' help in removing any smaller items that could impact storm drain inlets and gutters in front of their homes.”

Small debris can be stacked in parking strips or deposited in brown curbside compost containers. Those needing extra containers can request them for free by calling the Department of Sustainability at 801-535-6999. Briefer cautioned that residents are not expected to move larger limbs and branches that fell from city trees.

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