Man arrested after he allegedly stabbed a woman to death and pushed her out of car on I-15

An 18-year-old man is in custody after he allegedly stabbed a woman to death and then pushed her body out of a car on Interstate 15 on Sunday night. The victim’s identity has not yet been released.

According to a probable cause statement, the suspect told police “he had stabbed the victim multiple times, unbuckled her seat belt, reached over and opened the door and then pushed the victim out the driver side door.” Police believe the victim and the suspect did not know each other when she agreed to give him a ride.

Shortly before 10 p.m., the Utah Highway Patrol received a report of a body on I-15 just south of the 200 West off-ramp in Farmington. Witnesses reported seeing a car driving “erratically” and then a body come out of the vehicle on the driver’s side. The car continued to move north on I-15 before coming to a stop.

A short time later, a Davis County Sheriff’s Office deputy located a man who was shirtless and wearing just one shoe near State Street and Main Street in Farmington. The man said he fled after he was robbed, according to the officer. He had blood on his hand, forearm and pants, and he told police he had a knife in his car.

According to Farmington police, the suspect told one of their officers he was “going to West Valley” and the victim “was staring at him so he stabbed her.” The suspect also told police he “had been using either acid or LSD and smoking marijuana,” according to a probable cause statement.

Police wrote that the victim had suffered “extensive injuries” and two wounds “that were consistent with knife wounds.”

The 18-year-old suspect was booked into the Davis County jail for investigation of murder and aggravated assault.