Police in South Salt Lake searching for multiple victims after similar sex assault reports

Police in South Salt Lake say a man has assaulted at least three women after luring them to his car — and investigators believe there may be other victims.

Officers were investigating a January report from a woman who said a man sexually assaulted her after offering to give her a ride when they found two similar reports that women filed in November 2016 and September 2017.

In each report, the woman said a man offered her a ride, but once she was in the car the man took her behind a building, where he "physically and sexually assaulted" her, police wrote in a news statement. The man then threw each woman out of the car and threatened further harm as he drove away, they reported.

Since investigators linked the three cases, they have been unable to find all three victims and are asking the public to help contact them, said department spokesperson Danielle Croyle. Police also ask any other victims with similar accounts to contact them at (801) 412-3645 or email smullins@sslc.com.

Police do have leads on possible suspects but are not releasing further details as they could jeopardize the investigation, Croyle said. Investigators are seeking further evidence to support possible prosecution, she said.

The three women were not able identify the building they were taken to, and each was thrown out of the car at a different location, Croyle said. They also said they were approached in different areas: The victim from 2016 was first approached near 900 West and 3300 South; the victim from 2017 was approached near 1300 S. Main St.; and the victim from 2020 was approached near 2020 S. West Temple.