A police officer shot and killed a suspect who reportedly pulled a gun during a foot chase Tuesday morning in Kearns, Unified Police said. He has been identified as Andrew S. Gwynn, 30.

The shooting happened around 5:10 a.m. near the intersection of 5400 West and 5400 South in Kearns, FOX 13 reported.

Detective Kevin Mallory of the Unified Police Department told FOX 13 that an officer on patrol made “a routine contact” with a man. When the officer took the man’s information and went back to his patrol car, the man started running. The officer ran after him. The man, according to police, pointed a firearm at the officer, who then shot the man.

The man died, Mallory said, and the officer was not injured.

The Utah Department of Transportation reports that traffic is being diverted from the area, and will be through 9 a.m.

Following protocol in cases where an officer shoots someone, another police department is expected to handle the investigation.

Tuesday’s shooting is the second in 36 hours in which a law enforcement officer shot and killed a suspect.

A West Jordan police officer shot and killed a man Sunday night, after pulling over a pickup truck that was believed to have been stolen. A man got out of the truck and started shooting, putting a bullet in the upper shoulder of one officer. Police returned fire, and killed the suspect. Salt Lake City police are investigating that case. The officer was still hospitalized Monday afternoon, and is expected to recover from the non-life-threatening injury.

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