Firefighters investigating blaze that burned Salt Lake City’s iconic Sconecutter restaurant

(Photo courtesy of the Salt Lake City Fire Department) Firefighters pour water onto a fire at the Sconecutter at 2040 S. State Street.

Salt Lake City firefighters extinguished a blaze that broke out Thursday morning at the former Sconecutter restaurant at 2040 S. State St., which closed in 2018.

The fire, which broke out shortly before noon, sent flames shooting from the roof of the building, and smoke continued to pour from the roof as fire trucks conducting “defensive operations” poured water on it from above. Units left the scene at around 7 p.m. after no flare-ups occurred, SLCFC captain Anthony Burton said.

There were no immediate reports of injuries, and the cause of the fire is unknown. The cause is still being investigated, Burton said.

The Sconecutter was founded in 1977 in downtown Salt Lake City. The family-owned restaurant is known for serving the “Utah scone,” a puffy fried bread, by themselves or in sandwiches.