Woman who peed on police car during protest arrested

Salt Lake City police have arrested a woman accused of peeing on a police car during protests against police brutality last week.

The 35-year-old woman was photographed climbing on top of an overturned police car May 30, dropping her bikini bottoms and urinating. Other people that day climbed on the car to dance and raise their fists.

The woman was booked into jail Saturday on suspicion of third-degree felony rioting and a misdemeanor count of lewdness, in addition to drug and paraphernalia possession.

Police said when they arrested her, she had marijuana and spice.

The Salt Lake Tribune generally doesn’t identify people accused of crimes who haven’t been charged.

Two people have been charged in federal court with flipping the police car and setting it on fire, and one person was charged in Utah District Court.

Officers arrested 46 people, and 21 officers were treated for injuries, mostly heat-related, during the May 30 protest.