Election 2020: Utah’s gubernatorial candidates and where they stand on the issues

Utah is guaranteed a new leader next year in the state’s highest office after Gov. Gary Herbert departs from the seat he’s held for 10 years — and there are plenty of candidates vying for the job.

Gubernatorial hopefuls are gathering signatures to get on the ballot or awaiting the results of the April 25 state Republican and Democratic conventions. Utah voters will then have the chance to choose from among the candidates from their own parties in the state’s June 30 primary election. Those who emerge from that contest will face off in the Nov. 3 general election.

The Salt Lake Tribune asked the state’s major party candidates for governor to fill out a 33-question survey indicating their policy positions on a wide range of topics important to Utahns. Here are their answers, some of which have been edited for length, from the candidates who have responded so far. Read more.