A Salt Lake City man was arrested Monday after he reportedly kicked a dog and shouted threats and racial epithets at his neighbors.

According to police, the 64-year-old suspect became enraged when he discovered a neighbor had chained her dog on an easement that connected his property — near 1300 East and 4100 South — to hers. He confronted the neighbor, claiming the dog was on his property. When she disagreed, the suspect “began swearing and using derogatory terms toward” her.

When the woman’s boyfriend came outside and told the suspect to stop talking to the woman in that manner, the suspect “began using racial slurs … threatened” and “attempted to hit” the boyfriend.

According to a probable cause statement, the boyfriend “pushed [the suspect] down in defense.” And when the woman tried to intervene, the suspect spit on her. The suspect then “forcefully” kicked the neighbor’s dog twice. The boyfriend pushed the suspect to the ground again as the woman took her dog and left.

Police wrote that while being assessed by a medic, the suspect said, “I'm gonna go get a gun and kill that black [expletive]."

The suspect was booked into the Salt Lake County jail for investigation of aggravated cruelty to animals, assault, making threats and propelling a bodily substance, all misdemeanors. He was released on the conditions that he attend all mandatory court appearances, respond to a monthly automated phone check-in, and attend anger management classes.