Not surprisingly, Utah is one of the least “sinful” states in America, according to a study by But the Beehive State isn’t all that close to being the state most free of sin.

There are, as it turns out, seven states that ranked even lower on the personal finance website’s analysis of “47 key indicators of immorality” — everything from violent crimes per capita to alcohol abuse to gambling disorders.

The most sinful state is, perhaps not surprisingly, Nevada. The least sinful state, according to the study, is Vermont. Utah ranks 43rd on the list.

The study was broken down into seven major categories. Utah ranked 50th in excesses and vice; 49th in greed; 48th in laziness; 42nd in anger and hatred; 31st in lust; 29th in jealousy; and 21st in vanity.

The study examined 47 metrics to come up with the rankings. For example, the excesses and vice category included excessive drinking (Utah was No. 50 on that list), obesity, smoking, coffee drinking and marijuana use as well as fast-food restaurants per capita, opioid prescriptions per capita, drug overdose deaths and debt-to-income ratio.


  • 1. Nevada
  • 2. Texas
  • 3. Florida
  • 4. California
  • 5. Georgia
  • 6. Tennessee
  • 7. Louisiana
  • 8. Illinois
  • 9. South Carolina
  • 10. Mississippi


  • 41. North Dakota
  • 42. Minnesota
  • 43. Utah
  • 44. Iowa
  • 45. South Dakota
  • 46. New Hampshire
  • 47. Maine
  • 48. Idaho
  • 49. Wyoming
  • 50. Vermont