Utah liquor shoppers provided another year of sales growth in the five days leading up to Thanksgiving. From Friday to Wednesday, the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control reported $12,099,885 in store sales. That’s a 3.2% growth compared to the same five-day period in 2018, according to statistics released by the DABC on Thursday.

Last year, total sales were $11.7 million In 2017, sales totaled $11.3 million.

But sales on Wednesday, the busiest days of the year, were down 1.6% — or $56,678 — compared to the same day in 2018. Sales this year were about $3.5 million; last year they were $3.6 million.

The state’s 47 liquor stores sold 314,945 bottles on Wednesday, and 1,103,161 Friday through Wednesday. That’s a decrease of 8.8% compared to 2018. That may be because people shopped a day earlier this year than they did last year. Sales on Tuesday were $2.5 million. Last year sales on that day were lower — $2.3 million.