Tooele police found a dead man in an elderly woman’s freezer

Tooele City police are investigating after they found a dead body in the freezer of an elderly woman who recently died.

Sgt. Jeremy Hansen said Monday that officers were called to Remington Park Apartments, 495 W. Utah Ave., after a maintenance worker reported that he hadn’t heard from one of the tenants, a 75-year-old woman, in weeks.

[Update: Police have identified the body found in the freezer.]

When police arrived Friday, they found the woman dead.

"A detective was called to the scene and started looking around," Hansen said, "and opens up a deep freezer and finds an unidentified adult male that is deceased."

Police identified the deceased woman as Jeanne Souron-Mathers. But Hansen said they are still trying to figure out whose body is in the freezer — and how he got there.

Hansen estimates that the body had been in the freezer for at least a year, and possibly up to 11 years. That estimate is based off interviews with residents, he said, who have very different recollections of when they saw a man in that apartment.

Hansen said they believe “foul play” is suspected, but said it’s still under investigation whether Souron-Mathers was involved in the man’s death.

He said the woman had been living in that apartment for a "substantial amount of time."

When asked about the condition of the body, Hansen said it was "intact."

Police are now waiting for the medical examiner to complete an autopsy report as they continue investigating who the man was and how he died.