Elementary school teacher and principal reinstated after investigation into student wearing Nazi costume

(photo via Facebook) A student at Creekside Elementary in Kaysville dressed as a Nazi for the school's Halloween celebration.

A Kaysville elementary school teacher and principal are back at work after Davis County School District completed an investigation into a student wearing a Nazi costume at a school Halloween parade.

The investigation ended just more than a week after a student at Creekside Elementary wore a Nazi costume and photos of the student spread widely on social media.

The school district said in a statement that the costume “should not have been allowed,” and that it has “taken appropriate disciplinary action."

It did not clarify against whom, but added the teacher and principal were reinstated.

“Because the situation involves student and personnel issues — and federal and state law forbids disclosure — the district cannot discuss further details of the investigation or the results of it,” the statement read.

The statement also said the district will continue and expand “initiatives to educate and train school and department employees regarding the importance of protecting the rights of individuals.”

“The Davis School District does not tolerate speech, images or conduct that portray or promote hate in any form," the statement read. “Because of that, it continues to apologize for the situation."