Have questions about The Tribune’s transition to a nonprofit? Here are some answers.

(Rick Bowmer | AP file photo) The Salt Lake Tribune newsroom takes up one floor of the building that bears its name, overlooking snow-capped mountains and the arena where the Utah Jazz play. Once a Digital First property that dealt with staff reductions and feared closure, the paper was sold to Paul Huntsman in 2016. Since then, Tribune reporters have won a Pulitzer prize for investigative reporting. On Friday, Nov. 1, 2019, the IRS approved the Tribune's shift from a for-profit business to a 501(c)(3).

The Salt Lake Tribune is now a nonprofit, an unprecedented transformation for a legacy U.S. daily that is intended to bolster its financial prospects during a troubling time for journalism nationwide.

The IRS approved the shift in a letter dated Oct. 29, deeming The Tribune a 501(c)(3) public charity. That means supporters can start making tax deductible donations now.

This nonprofit approval from the Internal Revenue Service came sooner than we expected, so more information will be coming, but for now, here are a few answers to key questions.

I’m excited to support The Tribune! How can I donate?

The Tribune is ready to accept your tax-deductible donation of any amount here. Your donation will be recorded as SLTRIB. Prefer to mail a check? Our address is The Salt Lake Tribune, Inc., 90 S. 400 West, Suite 700, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84111.

I’m a Tribune print subscriber. What does this mean for me?

Thank you for your loyalty! Nothing will change with your current newspaper subscription, billing or delivery schedule. Our contract with Utah Media Group remains in place, so if you have issues with your print account, please contact them here or (801) 204-6100.

I’m a digital subscriber. What does this mean for me?

Thank you for subscribing! Nothing will change with your current digital subscription or billing schedule. For now, your digital subscription will not be tax deductible, but that may change in the future. We will keep you posted.

Will Tribune news stories change?

While our business model is changing, our journalistic ethics and commitment to the highest quality journalism remains the same. We will always remain Utah’s independent voice, so you’ll continue to get reliable local journalism, covering critical topics like the environment, government, sports, religion and the arts plus Bagley, a vibrant opinion page, obituaries and so much more every day. The only real change is that federal law prohibits nonprofits from electioneering, so The Tribune editorial board will no longer endorse political candidates. We’ll still weigh in on issues and policies, but we won't tell you who we think you should vote for. But please, vote!

Who will own The Tribune now?

Since 2016, Paul Huntsman has been owner and publisher of The Tribune. Going forward, a nonprofit board of directors will govern The Tribune. Jennifer Napier-Pearce will continue as editor and oversee the newsroom. Our nonprofit bylaws create a strict firewall between the board and the newsroom, so Tribune reporters and editors will remain free to report the news as they see fit by following the highest journalistic ethical standards.

Who is on the board now?

Paul Huntsman serves as chair of a very small board put in place to help guide our initial steps. Now that we have received the go ahead from the IRS, we are building a board that is representative of the communities we serve. If you are interested or have suggestions, please let us know!

Will board members have sway over what the paper covers?

The Tribune maintains a strict firewall between governing bodies, advisers, donors and the newsroom. That means they will have no more access to the newsroom or influence on editorial decision-making than any other members of the public. The same rules apply to advertisers and sponsors, as has been the practice historically.

What about donors? Will they influence the content?

No. While we will seek financial support for reporting and special projects, no donor or gift will be able to direct or influence the organization's reporting on issues, people or organizations. All donations to The Salt Lake Tribune will be public. We are committed to full transparency and understand that this is fundamental to the trust our readers have in The Tribune.

Can I still advertise in the newspaper and on sltrib.com?

Yes. Advertisers can contact Utah Media Group at utahmediagroup.com or (801) 204-6200.

I still have questions. Who can I talk to?

We may not have all the answers to this innovative approach to local news, but we’re always happy to talk. Feel free to email Tribune Editor Jennifer Napier-Pearce, jnpearce@sltrib.com or Tribune Vice President of Business Innovation Fraser Nelson, fraser@sltrib.com, anytime.

I want to show my support! Where can I make a donation?

Thank you! We welcome tax-deductible donations of any amount. You can either send a check, or give online here. The address is The Salt Lake Tribune, Inc., 90 S. 400 West, Suite 700, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84111.