Utah man charged with murdering his mother after he streamed video of her body online

(Photo courtesy of the Davis County jail) Jeffrey Antonio Langford has been charged with murdering his mother.

A Utah man has been charged with murdering his mother after he streamed video of her after she’d been shot.

Jeffrey Antonio Langford, 24, was charged in Second District Court with murder, a first-degree felony, and obstruction of justice, a second-degree felony.

On Sunday, North Salt Lake police were called to respond to an apparent suicide. Langford had posted “three different videos on Facebook showing the victim with at least one bullet wound to her head,” according to police, and he made “several statements” in the videos that his mother “shot herself in the head but was still alive and he was going to have to finish it.”

The charging documents state that the woman “could also be heard in the video still breathing.”

Langford also posted a video in which he said “he was not going to prison or jail and was telling people goodbye,” police wrote in a probable cause statement. It goes on to say that Langford told police his mother cut her own throat and shot herself in the head three times, but that “at least two of the shots to the head were not consistent with being self-inflicted.”

According to police, Langford gave conflicting statements but eventually “admitted that he shot [his mother] after posting the videos on Facebook.” He told police that, after she shot herself once, she began to “seize” and “snore” and that “he didn't want her to be in pain or a vegetable, so he shot the victim at least once in the back of the head while she was still alive.”

Langford is being held without bail at the Davis County jail. His first court appearance is scheduled for Monday.