The number of vaping-related lung damage cases in Utah has risen to 83, according to officials.

As of Tuesday, that’s an increase of 11 over the previous week, according to the Utah Department of Health. There have been no additional deaths; one fatality was reported in the state last week.

Health officials said that vaping THC cartridges “is the likely driver of this outbreak of severe lung injury” and recommend that people “do not vape THC cartridges until we learn more.”

As of Monday, the Centers for Disease Control has recorded almost 1,300 vaping-related cases nationally, with patients in 49 states and 26 reported deaths.

Most Utahns who have suffered lung injuries from vaping are in their 20s and 30s; the median age for the patients is 26, according to the UDOH. That’s slightly older than the national median age of 23.

The health department also released these figures for vaping-related cases in Utah:

• 92% of patients self-reported vaping THC.

• 66% of patients self-reported vaping nicotine.

• 60% of patients self-reported vaping both THC and nicotine.

• 32% of patients self-reported vaping THC only.

• 6% of patients self-reported vaping nicotine only.

• 83% of patients are men; 17% are women.

• 90% of those afflicted have been hospitalized.

• 58% were admitted to intensive care.

• 39% were diagnosed with acute respiratory distress syndrome.

• 78% required breathing assistance.

• 16% required intubation.