A South Ogden man is accused of giving pot brownies to his unwitting co-workers because, prosecutors wrote, he believed they were “harmless.”

The man, 28, was working alongside two women at a Clearfield business July 9, when he offered each of them a brownie, prosecutors wrote in charges filed Wednesday. Surveillance footage shows the man giving the brownies to the two women, prosecutors wrote.

The man did not tell his co-workers there was pot in the brownies, and after they ate the brownies, the two women began to feel the effects of cannabis, prosecutors wrote. A supervisor later called police.

The man sent Facebook messages to the two women, apologizing for serving the brownies without telling them of the drug contents, prosecutors wrote.

“He said ‘harmless’ and that he would ‘accept the punishment’ for what he’d done,” prosecutors wrote.

The man was charged with two third-degree felony counts of surreptitious administration of a substance.