Granite School District police detained eight people for questioning after someone fired shots on campus during the Granger High School football game Friday night, according to the district’s Twitter feed.

The school district reported no injuries.

Friday night was Granger High’s homecoming game against Hunter High School. Both schools are located in West Valley City.

The shots were fired on campus late during the third quarter, Granite School District spokesman Ben Horsley said in a news conference broadcast on FOX 13.

Horsley said the game was so loud, most spectators were unaware of the shooting.

The shooting happened during some kind of confrontation. A person pulled a gun and fired two shots. Police believe the shooting was gang-related and that no students from either school were involved, Horsley said. Those detained also don’t live in the area.

“We’re still trying to ascertain why these individuals had come onto campus in the first place since their presence was completely unrelated to the football game," the school district tweeted.

According to MaxPreps, Hunter High School won the game 35 to 6.


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