Utah woman calls police to report a drunken driver and gets arrested for DUI

A Utah woman called police to report she was being followed by a drunken driver, but when officers arrived, all they found was her behind the wheel.

During the Aug. 16 call, the dispatcher began to suspect that the caller herself was intoxicated because she was “burping and laughing uncontrollably," according to the woman’s probable cause statement.

When officers found her, she jumped out of her vehicle and ran away. Police later restrained her and took her to the hospital to be evaluated, according to court documents.

Officers found a nearly empty bottle of Fireball whiskey in the car’s cup holder.

The woman was later booked into jail on suspicion of DUI and having an open container. She pleaded guilty to the class B misdemeanor DUI charge on Tuesday. The other charge was dismissed.

She was ordered to serve 12 days in jail, with credit for time served, in addition to a 180-day suspended sentenced. She must also pay a $1,260 fine, according to jail records.