Utah chiropractor accused of sexually abusing patients, charged with 20 felonies

(Courtesy St. George Police) Brent Noorda

A southern Utah chiropractor was arrested Thursday after four patients reported he had sexually assaulted them during treatments.

Brent Noorda, 39, is charged with 20 counts of forcible sexual abuse, all second-degree felonies that carry a potential of up to 15 years behind bars if he is convicted.

Charging documents state that police began investigating Noorda in late July after several women told state licensing officials that they had been touched inappropriately during treatments at Balanced Healthcare.

One of the alleged victims was also an employee, according to charges. She reported to police that Noorda massaged her breasts on several occasions during adjustments, and he often put his hand down her skirt when they were going over paperwork together.

"About half the time he would say he was sorry," an officer wrote in charging documents, "he was just a little touchy."

A second patient also reported that Noorda touched her breasts during chiropractic adjustments, and talked about her breasts "during every visit." She also reported that Noorda touched her genitals during one adjustment.

A third patient reported that Noorda often focused on her breasts, and it wasn’t until she went to another chiropractor that she realized what he was doing wasn’t necessary.

"[She] said she did not know if Brent was doing right or wrong," the officer wrote. "It made her feel uncomfortable, but he was a doctor and she was supposed to be able to trust him."

The fourth alleged victim reported she had told Noorda she had contemplated a breast reduction, and wondered if it would help with her back issues. Noorda said he “needed to see her breasts to confirm,” she reported, and he instructed her to take her shirt off. He then “weighed” her breasts on a scale, police say. He also asked her if he could conduct a vaginal exam, according to charges, but she refused.

Noorda's office staff reported to police that he constantly made comments about his patients' and staff members' breasts.

In a police interview, Noorda denied making any comments about his patients’ breasts and denied that he touched them inappropriately. But police say he later admitted to conducting exams that were “outside the scope of his normal practices.”

Noorda signed paperwork with the state licensing division Thursday where he agreed to stop chiropractic work until the criminal charges are resolved — but he did not admit guilt.

A court date has not yet been set.

St. George police believe there may be other victims, and urged those with information to call the detective tip line at 435-627-4338.