A Utah mother has spoken out days after the 24th anniversary of her child’s death saying she still hopes to look her daughter’s killer in the face one day, a report said.

The girl’s body was discovered hours later floating in a canal off the Jordan River, authorities said. The killer was never found.

Her mother, Lewine Tapia, struggled to travel to the cemetery this year because of unknown injuries in a recent fall, but she wants the chance to face the unknown killer before she dies, KUTV reported Thursday.

“I want to be able to look at that person and ask him face to face why he did it,” Tapia said.

A neighbor, who claims he saw a young man coming from the direction of the canal the night Rosie was abducted, said he never received police attention, KUTV reported.

The neighbor reached out years later to the Cold Case Coalition, who created a sketch of a potential suspect based on his account, officials said. That sketch was released to the public in May.

According to tips sent to the Coalition, the group believes the man in the sketch lives in the Salt Lake valley, officials said.

That information was sent to the Salt Lake City Police Department, but the Tapia family is unsure if authorities have acted on the new information, KUTV reported.

We cannot release details about the case, but the community could help by sending tips directly to authorities, said Detective Greg Wilking, spokesman for the police department.

This case “haunts” detectives, who want to find Rosie’s killer, but it is difficult investigating a case from two decades ago, authorities said.