When a mysterious black bird began showing up outside the Capitol Hill offices of the Utah Attorney General’s Office last month, the large raven was the talk of the office.

It was unusual to see a bird that size perched on the window, unafraid of the people on the other side of the glass tapping to get its attention.

And for a month, the bird kept coming back. The employees named it “Edgar” — a nod to Edgar Allen Poe’s poem “The Raven” — and wondered if the bird was good or bad luck.

“We snapped pictures,” Richard Piatt, the communications director, wrote on the AG website, “left croutons for her to eat, enjoyed her friendly presence.”

Turns out, the bird wasn’t all that mysterious.

It was a trained bird from the Tracy Aviary that had been chased away by hawks last month as her handlers were training her.

Piatt called the aviary after seeing a “Missing Raven” notification posted online that matched Edgar.

The bird’s real name is Cash, and her handlers were able to retrieve her Saturday from the Capitol.

(Photo courtesy of the Utah Attorney General's Office) A mysterious bird that frequently visited the Utah Capitol over the last month turned out to be a trained raven that was missing from the Tracy Aviary.

“We’re all happy and grateful that she is back where she belongs,” Piatt wrote, “but we in the AG’s office must confess we are a little sad that our mysterious visitor won’t be perched outside our windows anymore.”