Here’s where it’s illegal to light fireworks along the Wasatch Front

(Francisco Kjolseth | Tribune file photo) Class-C fireworks can be lit legally in Utah from Tuesday, July 2, to Friday, July 5, for the Independence Day holiday — and again from July 22 to 25, for Pioneer Day.

Tuesday is the first day it’s legal in Utah to light fireworks for the Independence Day holiday — so if your neighbors have been setting off “safe and sane” fireworks before then, they have been breaking the law.

Utah law says personal, or Class-C, fireworks can be used in two brief windows in July: July 2 to 5 for the Fourth, and July 22 to 25 for Pioneer Day. (Such fireworks can also be bought and lit for New Year’s Eve and the Chinese New Year.)

Each city in Utah has its own restrictions about where one can light those fireworks, mostly to prevent fires in wild areas and undeveloped lots. Most, though not all, cities and towns along the Wasatch Front prohibit fireworks in public parks.

The fines for lighting fireworks where one shouldn’t can get steep, depending on the jurisdiction. For example, Salt Lake City charges a $1,000 fine to those caught violating its fireworks restrictions.

The Unified Fire District provides an interactive map of prohibited areas in Salt Lake County, which is embedded below. Most cities and towns have maps on their municipal websites, too.

Here is a full list of fireworks restrictions in Salt Lake, Utah and Davis counties:

Salt Lake County

Cottonwood Heights

  • All city parks, schools and wildland interface areas.


  • East of 1300 East.

  • South of 13800 South.

  • West of Interstate 15.

  • The Mehreban Wetlands area — from 12300 South running north along 1000 East to the north city limits, then following the city limits west to 700 East, then south to the UTA TRAX line, following the TRAX line to 12300 South.

Emigration Canyon

  • Fireworks prohibited anywhere in the metro township boundaries.


  • Within 200 feet of any undeveloped property or agricultural field.


  • East of Interstate 215.

  • The Cottonwood area.

  • Spring Creek.

  • Big Cottonwood Creek and Creekside Park.

  • Neff’s Creek.

  • Olympus Hills Park.

  • The County Road area — east of Holladay Blvd., west of I-215, south of County Road, north of 6200 South.


  • Oquirrh Park.

  • Mountain Man Park.

  • Kearns High School.

  • Along railroad lines.


  • All city parks and undeveloped areas.


  • Undeveloped land west of Main Street.

  • Along Jordan River Parkway.


  • East of Wasatch Boulevard.

  • South of 4500 South and east of Farm Meadow Lane, including Big Cottonwood Regional Park.

  • West of 700 West, including along Jordan River Parkway.

  • Along Mill Creek, between 1300 East and Honeycutt Road, and north of Skyline High School.


  • Along Jordan River Parkway and Little Cottonwood Creek.

  • Murray City Park.

  • Wheeler Farm.


  • East of 1300 West.

  • Along Laurel Chase Drive, Time View Drive, Dove Landing Drive, Provo Reservoir Canal, Midas Creek and Rose Creek.

Salt Lake City

  • East of 900 East (including Sugar House and the University of Utah).

  • West of Redwood Road.

  • North of South Temple (including City Creek Canyon).

  • All city parks and wildland urban interface areas.

Salt Lake County

  • All of unincorporated Salt Lake County.


  • All city parks.

  • West of Interstate 15.

  • Within 200 feet of waterways, canyons, washes, ravines, vacant lots, or where natural or unmaintained vegetation is present — and also in any mountainous, brush-covered, forest-covered or dry grass areas, or within the wildland urban interface areas. (This covers much of the area east of 1300 East.)

South Jordan

  • Within 200 feet of the natural vegetation border of the Bingham Creek and Jordan River Parkway open space and trails.

  • Within 75 feet of undeveloped wildland.


  • All city parks and undeveloped areas.

West Jordan

  • All areas west of SR-111 (also known as U-111 and the Bacchus Highway within West Jordan City limits).

  • All areas within 200 feet of the Jordan River Parkway Trail east of 1300 West.

  • All areas within 200 feet of the area commonly referred to as Clay Hollo Wash that runs east and west in the area of 7800 South (approximately 4800 West to SR-111).

  • All areas within 200 feet of Bingham Creek, located near Old Bingham Highway running the length of the east/west boundaries within West Jordan.

  • All city parks, unless a permit has been obtained for a professional display.

West Valley City

  • Along the Jordan River Parkway.

  • Along 6400 West from 4700 South to 5400 South, and all properties immediately adjacent to ATK.

  • All city parks and properties.

  • Within 100 feet of irrigation canals.

Utah County


  • All city parks.

  • The city cemetery.

  • Within 200 feet of any stream bed.

  • Outside a perimeter made up of Canyon Crest Road, Ridge Drive, Alpine Boulevard, Canterbury Lane, and Coventry Lane to the east; 770 North, Grove Drive, Apple Tree Drive, Main Street, 200 North, 400 West, and Lupine Drive to the north; Matterhorn Drive, Pfeifferhorn Drive, Westfield Road and the city limits to the west; and the city limits to the south.

American Fork

  • Ground fireworks permitted in all city parks; aerial fireworks (less than 150 feet) allowed only in six parks: Art Dye, Evergreen, Greenwood, Hindley, Legacy and Val Vista parks.

Cedar Hills

  • East of N. Canyon Road.

  • Cedar Hills Golf Club.

  • Heiselt’s Hollow, Heritage, Mesquite and Sunset parks.

  • Cedar Ridge and Deerfield elementary schools.

  • Any undeveloped areas.

Eagle Mountain

  • Within 200 feet of undeveloped land. (This leaves the center areas of most, but not all, subdivisions.)

  • All city parks, except the asphalt parking areas of Smith Ranch Park and Silver Lake Amphitheater.


  • The following subdivisions: Beacon Hills, Bull River, Chamberry Fields, Country French, Dry Creek Highland, Hidden Oaks, Highland Hills, Highland Hollow, Highland Oaks, Hunter Ridge, Mercer Hollow, Skye Estates, Sterling Pointe, View Point, Westfield Cove.

  • Highland Glen Park.

  • Lone Peak High School, and the state-owned property south of it.

  • Mitchell Hollow Park and drainage areas.

  • The mouth of American Fork Canyon.

  • Sunset Mountain properties.

  • Town Center Splash Pad.

  • West side of 10150 North.


  • North of Timpanogos Highway (including Traverse Mountain).

  • Along Dry Creek Corridor from 1200 East to Center Street.



  • All city parks and schools.

  • Outside a perimeter: 900 North and 700 North to the north; 1200 East, Hawks Rest and 800 East to the east; 1600 South, 2000 South and 2200 South to the south; 1600 West and U.S. 89 to the west.


  • East of Skyline Drive (from north city limits to 1600 North), east of 800 East (from 1600 North to 1200 North), east of Foothill Elementary and Palisades Drive (from 1200 North to 400 South), east of Carterville Road (400 South to University Parkway).


  • Everything east of Main Street (from the south city limits to 1150 South), east of Payson Canyon Road (from 1150 South to 800 South), east of 600 East (from 800 south to 400 South), and south of Goosenest Drive to the east city limits.

  • Gladstan Golf Course.

  • All wildland, canyon and foothill areas, and any land used for agricultural purposes.

Pleasant Grove

  • East of 100 East (from the north city limits to Murdock), east of 500 East (from Murdoch to 1100 North), north of 1100 North (from 500 East to 1100 East), east of 1100 East and Dalton (from 1100 North to 250 North), east of 1400 East (from 240 North to 200 South), east of 1500 East (from 200 South to 480 South), east of 1680 East (around Blackhawk and Cherokee, from 480 South to the south city limits).


  • East of Canyon Road (from the north city limits to Foothill Drive), east of Timpview Drive (from Foothill Drive to 2200 North), east of 900 East (from 2200 North to Birch Lane), east of Birch Lane (past Kiwanis Park to 700 North), east of Seven Peaks Road (from 700 North to Center Street), east of 900 East (from Center Street to 300 South), east of Slate Canyon Drive (from 300 South to 1320 South, east of U.S. 89 (from 1320 South to the south city limits).

  • Brigham Young University campus.

  • City parks, with six exceptions where fireworks are permitted: Exchange, Footprinters, Fort Utah, Kiwanis, Provost and Sertoma parks.


  • South of the Highline Canal.

  • East of Woodland Hills Drive.

  • North of 400 North and West of Main Street, except in developed subdivisions.

  • Within 20 feet of any building.

  • Within 200 feet of any open field, or unimproved lot or vacant building with dry vegetation on the lot.

  • Within 200 feet of any haystack, straw or other flammable agricultural product.


  • Summit Ridge.

  • East of Interstate 15, north of Summit Ridge.

Saratoga Springs

  • Within 200 feet of undeveloped land. (This leaves the center areas of most, but not all, subdivisions.)

Spanish Fork

  • All industrial areas.

  • South of the Spanish Fork River, from the west end of Spanish Oaks Golf Course to the east city limits.

  • Within 200 feet of any open field, unimproved lot or vacant building with dry vegetation on the lot.


  • East of Main Street (from north city limits to Millpond Drive), east of Millpond Drive (to 1200 North), east of 400 East (from 1200 North to 400 North), east of 780 East (from 400 North to 200 North), east of 1300 East (from 200 North to Canyon Road), north of Canyon Road to 2450 East), east of 2450 East (from Canyon Road to the south city limits).

  • West of the railroad tracks at 400 West (from the north city limits to 400 South), west of Main St. (from 400 South to 800 South), west of U.S. 89 (from 800 South to the south city limits).

  • Clyde Park, near Springville High School.

Davis County


  • East of 900 South (from north city limits to 400 North), east of Davis Boulevard (from 400 North to the south city limits).


  • East of 150 East (from north city limits to 1825 North), east of Main Street (from 1825 North to 1400 North), east of 325 East and 400 East (from 1400 North to 200 North), east of 600 East (from 200 North to 100 South), east of 700 East (100 South to the south city limits).


  • Woodland Park.

  • East of North Compton (from the north city limits to 600 North), east of 100 East (from 600 North to State Street), east of 350 East (from State Street to 830 South), east of 200 East (from 830 South to the south city limits).

Fruit Heights

  • East of Mountain Road.

  • Nichols Park.


  • An area in the northeast part of the city, north of 900 East and west of Fairfield Road, all the way to the city limits on the north and east.


  • East of U.S. 89.

North Salt Lake

  • East of Orchard Drive, from north city limits to Eagle Ridge Drive.

  • East of U.S. 89, from Eagle Ridge Drive to south city limits.


  • All national parks, national forests and public lands.