A fast-moving fire charred a hillside at Point of the Mountain in Draper, burning at the edge of several residents’ backyards but doing no damage to homes.

The blaze, which started Tuesday afternoon, could be seen burning in dry grass alongside Interstate 15. Draper Fire Chief Clint Smith said the department received several calls at 1:45 p.m. alerting them of the tall flames.

“We rushed to those homes in most imminent danger," the chief added.

Crews were able to cut a line behind the houses, stopping the fire from moving closer to about four homes that were threatened on Manilla Circle. Smith said there were no evacuations, but residents were on standby.

The fire was mostly contained by 3 p.m., though crews continued to battle hotspots. The department planned to drop some water aerially to finish off the blaze which was on steep terrain and in thick vegetation.

It’s not clear what caused the fire, though Smith said there would be an investigation since it started so close to homes. After it initially caught, the flames moved west and north.