Washington County School District is disciplining Hurricane High School students who created and distributed a graphic, racist Snapchat picture all over the high school.

FOX 13 reported the district responded with “disgust and sadness” over the photo that involved students and non-student adults.

“No level of discipline can repair the hate, bigotry and ugliness portrayed in that one picture,” read a statement released by the district.

The photo showed a person with a Ku Klux Klan-like white mask over his head while standing in front of a Confederate flag. The person was holding two men in blackface by the back of their shirts as they played dead. The caption implied the person had been hunting black people and had “fill[ed] [his] tags.”

While the photo was not taken on school grounds or during school hours, the district said that “does not minimize our abhorrence of this racist act.”

The image was brought to the district’s attention on Thursday and “appropriate discipline for the students involved began immediately.” The district said it welcomed law enforcement to review the photo for potential criminal violations. Legal counsel was also consulted on possible administrative actions. The district is also considering increasing education about civil rights protections and violations.

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