All locations of the Salt Lake City Public Library now offer unlimited access to Salt Lake Tribune articles on The Tribune’s website,

The Tribune has taken down its subscription paywall for patrons at The City Library’s eight branches. The Tribune is extending this arrangement to other Utah public libraries. Those who are interested can send a note to

“For 148 years, The Salt Lake Tribune has been a trusted source of news and an independent voice in Utah,” said Tribune Editor Jennifer Napier-Pearce. “While we need digital subscriptions to help us fund our reporting, offering free access at libraries helps us meet our overarching mission of serving the public.”

Users of library computers and those on Wi-Fi at the libraries now have unlimited access to Tribune articles, opinion pieces and comment pages.

“Newspapers and public libraries are two American institutions that exist to ensure free and open access to information, which is critical for the healthy functioning of our democracy,” said Peter Bromberg, executive director of The City Library. “Given our shared commitment to First Amendment values, we are thrilled that The Tribune is partnering with The City Library to offer Salt Lake’s residents unlimited access to this local source of news at all eight of our library locations.”