Utah man accused of raping a woman while he was still facing charges for sexually assaulting another woman

Brandon Dorado

A Provo man is behind bars after police say he raped a woman he had just met while he was still going through court proceedings for sexually assaulting another woman.

Brandon Dorado, 33, was arrested Friday for the latest accusations when he showed up for a court appearance. Prosecutors filed the new rape and forcible sodomy charges against him in March, and an arrest warrant was issued then.

The new charging documents allege a woman called police on June 29, 2018 and reported she had just been raped by Dorado.

She told police that she had met Dorado in person the first time that day, and he had come to her apartment to visit. But he then began touching her inappropriately, according to charging documents, and she told him to stop.

Dorado pulled at her clothing, she reported, and eventually forced her to perform oral sex before he had sex with her. The woman pushed him away, according to charging documents, then went outside and called police.

Her roommate later told police that they heard her say "No" and "You're going a little too fast" to Dorado.

Four days later, Dorado was arrested — but not for allegedly raping her.

He had been charged months earlier with raping another woman, who had reported to police that he sexually assaulted her in June 2017. Prosecutors filed a rape charge against Dorado in that case in April 2018.

That woman reported that Dorado came to her home to visit her and began trying to kiss her. She pushed him away, according to charging documents, but he got on top of her, removed her clothing and began having sex with her.

Later that evening, the woman took a sleeping pill and awoke to Dorado having sex with her again. The next day, Dorado text her and asked her to be his girlfriend.

"I'm still not over the fact that you had sex with me when I was on sleeping pills and the night before," she text back.

Dorado responded: "You are right that was dumb of me cause we just met, I just figured we already had sex so I thought it would be ok."

In that case, Dorado initially faced a first-degree felony, but he pleaded guilty in March to a misdemeanor sexual battery charge. He was ordered to serve 60 days in jail, but he received credit for time he had served when he was first arrested. He was also ordered to 18 months probation.

It’s not clear why it took nine months for the second set of charges to be filed, and a prosecutor did not immediately return a request for comment.