‘The suspects are victims and the victims are suspects’: 2 shot during fight over a drug deal in Midvale; the shooter may have been stabbed

One man was arrested Monday after two 18-year-olds were shot in Midvale during a fight over a drug deal, and police are still searching for a second suspect.

According to Sgt. Melody Gray of Unified Police, the two suspects went to an apartment complex at 7351 S. Catalpa Street on Saturday night, after being contacted by social media. The suspects then “pulled guns out,” robbing the intended drug buyers, Gray said. The two would-be buyers, both 18, contacted the same two men on Sunday night through a different social media account, purportedly to make another drug deal.

“They hid in cars and ambushed the other two,” Gray said. “They told us that they beat the second guy with a skateboard and stabbed him.”

During the ensuing fight, one of the drug dealers, who has not yet been arrested, pulled a gun and shot the two who ambushed him and his friend. The two would-be buyers, whose names were not immediately released, were taken to a hospital for treatment for what turned out to be minor wounds. Gray said they are also expected to face charges.

“It’s confusing,” Gray said. “The suspects are victims and the victims are suspects.”

An 18-year-old man was booked into the Salt Lake County jail on Monday morning on suspicion of robbery and aggravated assault. Police are continuing to search for a second suspect.

The story will be updated.