Police: Students intervened when a man tried to abduct a girl outside Bountiful Junior High School

Police in Bountiful are trying to identify a man who they say tried to abduct a junior high school student near South Davis Junior High School.

After classes dismissed on Monday, the girl was walking from the school to where she was supposed to be picked up, when a man approached her, Bountiful police wrote in a news statement. The man said he was there to pick the girl up “because her father was unavailable,” police wrote.

The girl, who didn’t recognize the man, refused to go with him, said Lt. Dave Edwards. The man “grabbed her and detained her,” police wrote.

Some other students noticed the man with the girl and “sensed there was an altercation,” Edwards said. As they approached the man, he released the girl and walked away.

The girl described the man as white, and about 60 years old, police wrote. He was bald with short, brownish-white stubble on his head and no facial hair, police wrote. He was wearing a torn white T-shirt, jeans and white shoes.

Anyone with information may call police at 801-298-6000.