An 18-year-old St. George man is facing a felony after he punched and kicked his pregnant, 16-year-old girlfriend in the stomach in an attempt to make her miscarry.

Trevor Michael Knudson was charged in Fifth District Court with aggravated assault, a third-degree felony.

The victim reported that Knudson assaulted her Feb. 16. According to St. George police, she said “she was pregnant, Trevor knew she was pregnant, and he was the father of the unborn child.”

The victim said Knudson “kneed her twice in the stomach, punched her once in the stomach and then grabbed the back of her neck and slammed her against a wall.” According to court documents, Knudson told the victim “he assaulted her because he wanted her to have a miscarriage.”

When interviewed by police, Knudson “admitted that the incident took place as [the victim] reported.”